Troy Wellness Services

Our overall mission at Troy Wellness is to offer Advanced Holistic Therapies, classes and workshops for personal healing, transformation and optimal wellness so you can live a balanced and healthy life!

I believe that when people are more balanced and less stressed they treat each other with more kindness and compassion. Therefore, my larger vision for the services provided at Troy Wellness includes a natural “pay it forward” aspect that occurs when one receives healing, balancing and transformational work. When we are peaceful and happy, free of the past and living centered in the moment, we can’t help but change the way we see and relate to the world.

Troy Wellness is located three blocks from the center of lovely Lambertville and just five blocks form the Delaware River in a 200 year old duplex right in the historic district on Route 29. People tell us once they step into this humble office they know they are safe and feel ‘right at home.” Parking is off street and the side streets are “meter free.”

We also provide Spiritual Counseling and "Life Passages" Ceremonial Services.

Our Ceremonial Services for the community include "contractual weddings", spiritual partner joinings, civil unions in New Jersey, baby blessings, "blessingways" for pregnant women, "coming of age" ceremonies for girls entering young womanhood, human and pet memorials and "Talking Stick honoring circles for special occasions and "birthdays over 50."
In addition, Troy Wellness offers various holistic wellness based classes and groups throughout the year. Some of the classes and groups we have taught in the past are: "Self Hypnosis- A Life Skill Everyone Can Learn!" "Emotional Freedom at Your Fingertips", "Liberate Yourself From Emotional Eating!", "StressLess-Quick Fix Body/Mind Tools That Can Save Your Day!" and "Reflexology Self Care."